April 12, 2024

Advanced Grafting For Dental Implants - Phoenix, AZ - April 2024

Course Objectives 

  • Treatment Planning Decisions For Grafting Conserving Anterior Aesthetics. Gingival positioning for Papilla. Avoid throwing away bone and soft tissue. Striving for Class I prosthesis for partial and Full Arch Restorations.
  • Less Grafting with Conservative Extractions: The Basics What instruments do you really need. Lighting, Pt positioning, Surgical Access,Burs, Handpieces, irrigation.
  • Socket Grafting Guidelines Simple to Complicated: With/Without Implants Socket grafting at time of Extraction. Socket grafting after the fact. Socket grafting ranging from single TE to full arch grafting with implants.
  • Simplified Sinus Grafting using Bump Procedures Hiossen kit photos with video. Review of cases with guidelines for success (Bonethickness requirement, limitations on whom is a candidate, Using OCO TSI implant for sinus graft, Review failures and solutions).
  • Regenerative Bone Grafting Indications and Limitations All about blood supply. How Much Bone can be gained. Defect types and outcome Expectations. RBG with/without Implant. RBG with socket grafting. Use of stabilization screws/pins, tenting screws, types of membranes (RCMG, Laminar, BioXclude), Sutures.
  • Single Surgery RBG with Resorbable Scaffold The Laminar Membrane with BioXclude. BioXclude changes phenotype of softtissue. Gain of attached gingival tissue without full closure.
  • Simple Soft Tissue Positioning Grafts for Attached Gingiva Soft tissue manipulation at time of implant surgery. Implant selection for soft tissue grafting.

14 CE – Includes continental breakfast, catered lunch, & all necessary supplies



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