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  • Hello Doctors,
    I would like to update you on our O Club video library. We are adding short training videos about the restorative sequences to fabricate prosthetics for: o-ring; TSI, ERI, ISI, Engage and Engage plus implant systems. Additionally, we are also adding the workflow for digital impressions and prosthetics. 2021 is going to be a…Read More

  • Hey Doctors today I received two xrays from a clinician who stated he just placed this implant below and when he tried to place the cover screw it would not thread in. What do you suppose this object is in the implant chamber and on his glove? Please post up your ideas and answers. Tomorrow we will discuss what it is and how to avoid this scenario…Read More

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    • The little oring is from an implant driver. The oring is designed to prevent the implant body from falling off the driver. Word of caution: repeated autoclaving and heating of the implant driver and oring can cause the oring to get brittle and fracture away from the driver. After one year seriously consider replacing the implant driver to…Read More

    • After 5 years the implant retained bridge was not what she wanted. All because she was swayed by another dentist, “friend”, she needed 3 implants there. Good luck to him because i removed three previously treated endodontic teeth displaying external resorption combined with a bone cyst. After removal and reconstruction the only spot available…Read More

    • i will on thursday in a discussion of health history and data gathering regarding case selection and documentation thereof.

  • Hey Doctors
    Our October 8th six hour webinar is filling up very quickly. If you need to increase your clinical skill sets or just need to capture some CE than consider tapping the link below to learn more abour this upcoming seminar. https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/6390497230079781899

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  • Hello O-Club Members! Please post a brief description of you and your practice here in the comments >>

  • Recently, I received a message from a beginning implant dentist who was in a panic because he locked the patient’s overdenture onto three o-ball abutments. He was trying to directly process the encapsulators into the denture and acrylic worked its way down onto around the abutments. After I walked him through gently removing the over denture two o…Read More

  • @emiliomuro2007 Hi Dr. Emillio. Thank you for joining O Club. This club is a live chat room platform where implant dentists share their experiences in implant dentistry. I know you will find this educational platform very useful and friendly. Again we look forward to communicating with you on a routine basis.
    Stay tuned for our schedule of…Read More

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  • Welcome @pmacdonald ! Thanks for your kind words about the platform. First official member!

  • Hello new O Club members ! Welcome to our new communication platform where implant dentistry is the main topic of discussion. We hope that you will share with us your cases, clinical successes and problems. We are a professional membership comprised of many years of clinical and managerial experiences in implant dentistry. So welcome aboard and…Read More

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