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  • Dr. Jim posted in the group O-Club Chatroom 1 day ago

    Hello New members to the O Club Chat room.
    This platform is an excellent place to share your dental implant experiences with other implant colleagues. Today, we are dealing with a general public that is more educated, more demanding and less tolerant than in previous years…thanks to Google and WebMD. So here we are! Voice your thoughts and…Read More

  • Dr. Jim posted in the group O-Club Chatroom 1 day ago

    Yes Dr. G
    The patient came in 3 weeks after placement with the denture adhesive wrapped around the healing caps of the two implants. This was the patient’s routine to use as much adhesive as possible for fear of losing the denture. The adhesive worked it way through the suture line and encapsulated the healing caps and the movement of the…Read More

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  • Welcome to all the new members of O-Club. This is a safe place for us all to improve and learn. Please post anything you have questions about, want to learn about, or maybe even a case you are proud of!

  • Hey Doctors have you ever experienced that guesswork feeling about growing bone at the apex of your implant placement following a sinus lift procedure. Well, when you are relying on a narrow osteotome to elevate a sinus floor prior to implant placement, perforations can happen. Unfortunately, you will not know for 4-6 months. Pain upon…Read More

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  • Recently during a chatroom discussion, the topic was “hidden and not often spoken about” causes of implant early failures. Check this one out: a patient presented with two implants of the four out and stuck in the maxillary denture. The clinician was at first baffled because they were placed using open flap entry and in good bone and high torque…Read More

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    • Were the implants put into function prior to integration? Or could it be an accumilation of denture adhesive in the retention bodies that caused abnormal forces on the implants and failure?

  • 2 weeks ago I posted about “meeting patients where they are” and talked about upgradable dentistry.
    I feel strongly that technology can help us in that mission. The patient I posted about had come to us wanting a fixed upper implant prosthetic… but didn’t have the finances for it. We got him out of his infected, unesthetic, painful situation…Read More

  • I want to remind you fellow chatroom members that offer overdenture services that we have a fantastic OCO-Lok overdenture kit that provides for two implants, two OCO-Lok abutments and two complete prossessing kits for the retention lock for only $500! Check it outon the website.

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    • I just ordered the OCO-Lok processing kit deal to try out on an existing overdenture case where I added 2 implants. Thats a great deal Dr Jim!

  • Hello Fellow members of the OCO Chatroom.
    I would like to invite you to our first live seminar this year, June 18-19 2021. The main podium speaker is Dr. Rick Grant. He has been placing dual stabilization OCO implants for many years and he will lecture on the protocol necessary to bring immediate/early implant dentistry into you practice. If your…Read More

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  • Meeting patients where they are at. I’m not talking about location, I’m talking about needs and ability. Its great to give patients the best option for treatment, but lets face it, many patients may not be ready financially for the type of treatment they WANT. I feel that its important to provide patients with upgradable options that will…Read More

    • Dr D’alise I saw the OCO LoK kits. I was planning on using locators for this case. Are those O-LoKs comparable to locators? Does it use the same triangular shape driver?

      • Our OCO Lok has the same fixation strength as other abutments such as the locator system. To make it easier for our OCO dentist and avoid the need for multiple wrenches, the OCO uses the standard o5o hex driver. procesing of retention disks are the same as other similar type abutments.

      • Dr after reading your long term stragey for this patient, I want to say “right on”. That is the beauty of of our implant system and prothetic options. As life changes for our patients, we givethem positive hope that their expetations and outcomes can change. As you said by simply changing abutments and perhaps adding an implant or two can switch…Read More

  • Not every patient CAN afford a fixed implant solutione, although many WANT one. In fact, it seems to me that MOST denture patients WANT a fixed solution. “Upgradable dentistry” is a concept I learned from Dr Nazarian at an OCO Implant course years ago.

    This patient was in her early 30’s and had rampant perio disease necessitating the removal…Read More

  • Pulling some guides of the printer this morning. Dragged my son to the office this weekend and he printed some Pokemon!

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  • Hey Doctors check out our new OCO-LOK overdenture kit. It is a tremendous savings as well as a very efficient way to correct an unstable denture. Also I will be posting our new live Duke City Mini-residency course. Stay tuned!

  • I just finished this surgery. 5X8 Engage. I could have gone with a 5X10 however I like to keep 3 mm between the tip of my drill and the IAN. With the 5X8 Engage I was 3.8 mm, If I had gone with the 5X10 I would have been closer than is my preference. Everything went great with the surgery. Very smooth. Very efficient bread and butter implant…Read More

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    • Dr. It appears that the implant body could have been placed a little lower to take a little more advantage of platform switching. Other than that it is nicely placed

  • Great teaching videos for flapless surgery!!

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