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  • How are all of you dealing with placing implants in tight spaces? This patient just came in for recall and I, and most importantly the patient, are really happy with how everything turned out. Thanks to Dr D’Alise’s implant designs, the ISI implants are a great, simple, and efficient way to help patients in these types of situations. This…Read More

  • Happy NEW YEAR! I’m so excited about all the potential for 2021. It gets me thinking about self improvement and goals. Especially planning CE. I see Dr Tedders has an OCO webinar course coming up. I’ve never seen one of his courses but I hear he’s great. That’ll be an easy one to check off the list! I hear that he’s done a sinus lift course in the…Read More

  • Is anyone else super excited about the new year? What CE is on your list? What are your goals for the new year? I want to take some kind of hands on, live patient, implant CE and learn more about sinus lifts and full mouth restorations.

  • Winding down the year. I really liked the guide I made with BSB. I sank this a little more than I normally would so the buccal threads would all be encased in bone. If you look at the PA x-ray you can see the healing cap isn’t seating all the way. My MISTAKE! I forgot to profile the bone! The surgical kit comes with a profiler for each size…Read More

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  • Planning my last implant of the year! I’m using BlueSkyBio this time. Have any of you used BSB, and if so, what did you like/dislike about it? I usually use Planmeca’s Romexis software and find it easy to use and quite comprehensive. What I’m liking about BSB is that it seems quite powerful and is basically free!

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  • Are any of you scanning instead of taking conventional impressions? I personally love scanning, but I know there are benefits and drawbacks to any method. The reasons I prefer scanning are the ease of use and elimination having to send through the mail or have the lab pick up the case. What do you think?

  • Here is the follow up to the case I posted last week. We waited about 3 months to restore it.
    The titanium scanbodies get picked up really well by every scanner I’ve used. The restorative was done by CREODent. They can mill the abutment and send you the STL file for the crown so you can save some money and mill the crown “in house”, or they can…Read More

  • 2020 struck again for me this week. So… now I have broken fingers. I’m trying to look on the bright side. Lucky for me its the middle and ring finger of my left hand.

    I would have never expected to get hurt the way I did. My kids were playing on a big tractor tire swing and I turned to talk to someone. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the…Read More

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    • Your hands are the keys to your financial success. You might want to consider disability insurance by Hartford insurance.

  • Here is a follow up to the digital case I posted a few days ago. I think I said it was a 4.0 Engage, but its 5.0. I know some people like to go as long as possiblr, We could have gone longer but I feel like the length was adequate. What do you think?

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    • Nice placement. Width and depth are fine. An extra mm in length may make the clinician feel better but it does not substantially change the over all strength of the case. I personally favor the zone of safety!

  • Sometimes you get a case where you just dont know whay to do. This poor guy has no bone holding in the anterior bridge, totally screwed up occlusion. perio, rampant decay. canines are solid though. Patient wants a nice smile, the ability to eat and socialize without worry. Jas said that he wants something that “stays in”. Money is a bit of an…Read More

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  • Here is the start of a case we planned a surgical guide using Romexis to place a 4.0 Engage. First we highlighted the IAN to make sure we stayed away from it. Then we oriented the implant, and finally we designed a simple pilot guide. This can all be delegated to a trained team member as long as the dr checks everything before the guide is fabricated.

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  • Does anyone here mill their own abutments? I don’t yet but I’d really like to start, just haven’t found a way to do it well.
    I do really like working with CREO Dent Lab though. I feel as though the workflow is pretty efficient. They can make a crown and abutment and get everything back pretty fast, or even more quickly they can send an STL file…Read More

  • When I look at this cartoon it helps me remember what my life was like before my wife made us take control of our practice. She had noticed that it seemed like the business was running us and not the other way around! I’m sure some of you have felt that way as well.

    Have you been able to overcome this? If so, how?

    For me and my wife its an…Read More

    • We force ourselves to take vacation by planning things out.
      The first thing we do is get all the dates we don’t want to work for the coming year, and we have all the team members get us the dates they know they aren’t going to be working. This includes family vacations, weddings, national holidays, school holidays and events etc.
      Next we…Read More

    • A very wise office plan Doctor. It took me over 30 years of practice to finally use the word NO. It is word in our dental vocabulary not often used. Thank you for your insightful comments. Stay healthy

  • I really like restoring implants with CAD/CAM. Yesterday I shared an Engage implant that we milled with an access hole so we could do the restoration screw retained instead of cemented. Today’s photos are of a TSI case we prepped the abutment for, scanned and did a cemented restoration. Don’t worry she eventually restored the back tooth as well!…Read More

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  • Does anyone here do CAD/CAM restorations? I like doing same day restorations on OCO stock abutments. The stock abutments are so robust that I simply prep them and its like having a custom abutment. Then I scan it in the mouth and mill the crown. I’ll even do them screw retained by having the crown milled with an acess hole and cementing it outside…Read More

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