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    2020 struck again for me this week. So… now I have broken fingers. I’m trying to look on the bright side. Lucky for me its the middle and ring finger of my left hand.

    I would have never expected to get hurt the way I did. My kids were playing on a big tractor tire swing and I turned to talk to someone. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the swing coming toward me so I put up my hand to stop it and my fingers bent backwards.

    I came to the office later that day to see patients and took some x-rays and a CT. You can see that the bone that the ligaments attach to had broken off.

    It was a sobering way for me to realize that I need to double check all my insurance. While discussing this with my dental friends it came up that some of them don’t have one or more of these types of insurance so I thought I’d post about the 5 types of insurance every dentist should have.
    1) Medical insurance – Even rich people need this in the USA. I was the Dental Director for “The Gridiron Greats” which was a charity to help ex NFL players get needed medical care. Sounds strange because most of these guys had been millionaires at one point. Problem was, once they left the NFL would wipe their hands of them. These ex players couldn’t get health insurance anymore and many of them ended up with chronic health problems and were not able to work outside football. With extensive medical bills and no income many would end up homeless or living on the edge of homelessness. It was very surprising for me.
    2) Office overhead insurance – how else will you pay office bills if you have to close?
    4)disability – dentistry is brutal on your body. I heard that one in 3 dentists will file a disability claim at some point. Make sure your policy is “own occupation” so even if you can’t work as a dentist you will be able to work at a different career without losing your benefit.

    My fingers don’t hurt much but they are really swollen. I have an appointment with a hand specialist tomorrow and I’m optomistic. Ceck your insurance and make sure everything is up to date and in order because you never know when problems like this will happen!

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    • Your hands are the keys to your financial success. You might want to consider disability insurance by Hartford insurance.

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