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    Not every patient CAN afford a fixed implant solutione, although many WANT one. In fact, it seems to me that MOST denture patients WANT a fixed solution. “Upgradable dentistry” is a concept I learned from Dr Nazarian at an OCO Implant course years ago.

    This patient was in her early 30’s and had rampant perio disease necessitating the removal of all her teeth. She wanted to have teeth that “Stay in”, but it wasn’t in the budget. She couldn’t keep her teeth and risk the continued bone loss and pain/infection, so we came with a staged approach:
    1) removal of teeth and placement of treatment (immediate) dentures. This allowed her to get out of her infected, unhealthy, unaesthetic state and heal, improve hygiene, have teeth, and save up for the implants.
    2) Implant placement. She had to save up for this for over a year. She wore her immediate denture during this time. Eventually she had us fabricate removable dentures with locators.
    3) She is continuing to save up for fixed prosthetics which is her ultimate goal, and what we planned for from the begining.