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  • Dr. Ghaboussi added 3 new photos in the group O-Club Chatroom 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    Meeting patients where they are at. I’m not talking about location, I’m talking about needs and ability. Its great to give patients the best option for treatment, but lets face it, many patients may not be ready financially for the type of treatment they WANT. I feel that its important to provide patients with upgradable options that will eventually get them the result they want.
    This patient is a perfect example. Came in with with teeth he knew needed to come out but had no ability to pay for the $35,000 fixed implant solution he WANTED for his upper teeth.
    We were able to get him out of his infected, unesthetic, unhealthy situation and into a healthy esthetic treatment denture that he could afford. He also got a plan for upgrading to an implant supported denture and eventually a fixed implant supported denture. He knows the costs for each upgrade and its taken him 3 years to get enough saved for his implants.
    If we had only given him the $35,000 option he would never have done anything, or he would have gone somewhere else. By giving him a PATH for getting the treatment he wants we also gave him HOPE. Something he had been running short on because we were the 3rd office he had gone to, and the only one that gave him a STRATEGY for achieving his goal.
    Now we can use his treatment denture as a template to plan and 3D print a guide and a final prosthetic, making our life much easier and helping him get an optimal result.

    • Dr D’alise I saw the OCO LoK kits. I was planning on using locators for this case. Are those O-LoKs comparable to locators? Does it use the same triangular shape driver?

      • Our OCO Lok has the same fixation strength as other abutments such as the locator system. To make it easier for our OCO dentist and avoid the need for multiple wrenches, the OCO uses the standard o5o hex driver. procesing of retention disks are the same as other similar type abutments.

      • Dr after reading your long term stragey for this patient, I want to say “right on”. That is the beauty of of our implant system and prothetic options. As life changes for our patients, we givethem positive hope that their expetations and outcomes can change. As you said by simply changing abutments and perhaps adding an implant or two can switch them into fixed fixed iinstead of fixed removable. “Hope “is the name of the game!