July 13, 2020

Introducing our online Dental Implant Community - The O-Club

Last week we teased our new product – The O Club – and this week we give you the dirty details. The one thing we have seen over and over is Dentists seeking advice from their peers and mentors for a specific case online. Maybe your buddy is busy with their practice and cannot answer your urgent questions. We are bringing you a platform that allows you to have access to the information you need at your fingertips. Including chatrooms on specific topics, direct messaging, informational video content, and access to live streams with doctors you know and trust. We find that there is a huge lack of reliable access to group conversations online in the dental implant industry as a whole. We figure why not bring you an all in one tool that solves the problem; what would a more experienced doctor do in this case?

The platform will also include OCO’s primary hub for our most valuable content. Things like live seminars from industry professionals and video content like tips and tricks. The O-Club will be here to keep you informed no matter your experience level.

But there’s more. Say you already have years of experience and have come across many different types of cases in your day – we thought of you too. We want our more experienced members to provide their wealth of knowledge and experience to our online community. We know that your time costs money so it is our pleasure to announce that the O club will include community member discount tiers, where your participation in the Club gets you the deals you need to make maximum profits.


The O-Club will be the single best digital foot forward for you and your practice no matter if you are a seasoned pro or fresh to the industry.

The O-Club features and benefits:

Tiered Membership for Discounts and the ability to establish yourself as a community influencer

Access to Educational content Such as Live webinars, Tips and Tricks and articles written by industry mentors and leader

Forum Access for Access to the Feedback you need in a reasonable amount of time

Customized Profiles for self Promotion, Feed posting for personal updates and content creation

Direct Messaging Amongst Peers and Mentors


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