500 Point Challenge Giveaway!

The O-Club is our online dental implant community built for dentists at all stages of their career. From the beginner to the seasoned professional the O-Club Community offers useful information and resources to all OCO users. Whether you are giving your opinion or seeking suggestions on your latest case the O-Club is a go to hub for all things dental implant. Our community is based around a point system that allows you capitalize on your personal time investment, purchases and platform in order to acquire membership levels. With each membership level comes customer benefits such as a flat discount rates and custom benefits. This challenge is your opportunity to get involved in the O-Club while competing for some pretty exciting prizes.

Check out how to enter and other details below. 

O-Club Point Challenge

How To Enter

1. Register Or Login to O-Club

2. Post an Introduction to yourself and your practice in the O-Club group.

3. Participate in the O-Club and accumulate points (What are points and how do I get them? Click here). Race to 500 points and above. Prizes will be distributed to the highest earning participants at the end of the challenge.