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ID: 2021 Immediate Loading / Grafting


Dr. Pierre Tedders has been practicing implant surgery and prosthetics as a general dentist for nineteen years. He has a straightforward, practical approach to treating tooth loss using bone grafting to restore implant sites and implant placement with an immediate load. In this course, Dr. Tedders will provide an educational event that will directly affect the way you view implant surgery and implant restoration. This workshop is designed for the general dentist who wants to implement dental implant treatment into his/her general practice. Understanding and integrating the Immediate Load Dual Fixation Dental Implant system into your practice and how to implement unique techniques in bone grafting allows you the practitioner to handle a variety of dental situations. Topics:
  • Diagnosis and treatment planning for bone defects and sockets
  • Importance of the barrier technique for optimum bone growth
  • Practical training on how to use the Bioexclude™ membrane - Diagnosis and treatment planning for implant placement
  • Placement of implants in conjunction with bone grafting techniques
  •  Indications and Contraindications for immediate implant load
Course Objective: This course is designed to give the dentist-clinician a clear understanding of when and when not to immediate load dental implants. In addition, the dentist will receive up to date information and techniques for improving more positive results in bone grafting.