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This course focuses on the techniques implemented when restoring a 
patient with a fixed bridge supported by implants with the necessary 
modifications of bone. For the hands on portion, attendees will level 
bone, & place dental implants using CBCT based leveling & placement 
guides on models. Most exciting, attendees get to observe a LIVE surgery 
on day two, where a mentor uses CBCT based guides to level bone, place 
dental implants and provide a fixed provisional restoration. 
  • Virtual Planning of Total Implant Reconstructions 
  • Hands on Exercise of Guided Bone Reduction and Multiple Implant Placement in the Mandible 
  • Observation of LIVE Guided Implant Placement & Fixed Provisionalization 
  • Rapid Surgical Techniques in One Visit
  • Assessment & Correction of Complications 
  • Bite Relations Done Right
  • What Material to Choose?
  • Screw or Cement-Retained Restorations
  • Maintenance of these Implant Reconstructions
14 CE - Includes continental breakfast, catered lunch, & all necessary supplies