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The Patented OCO Biomedical Dental Implant

U.S. Patent: 8,277,218,B2 and U.S Patent 8,277, 395,B2

On October 2, 2012, inventor Dr. David D. Dalise was granted U.S. Patent: 8,277,218,B2 for the OCO Biomedical dental implant design and shortly thereafter was awarded U.S Patent 8,277, 395,B2 .

Most implants on the market today are not unique or patented. They draw from existing technology and are “cut and pasted” together to create the complete implant by taking a thread pattern from one, the tip from another and so on. In some cases, the complete implant is just a copy or clone of another with slight variations to avoid patent infringements.

The OCO implant is unique and is one of the few implants that is patented from top to bottom. Features such as the Bull Nose Auger™ Tip, Embedded Tapered Platform™ and Mini Cortic-O™ threads are what makes this implant not only a one of a kind, but superior to other implant designs.


Dental Implant Lines Including these features are:

Engage™, Engage™ Plus, TSI, ERI, ISI and 3.0 


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