Dual Stabilization®

Bone locking design featuring our patented Bull Nose Auger Tip®

System Benefits
Patented Design Implant Image

Embedded Tapered Platform™ w/ Titanium Nitride Coating

All Dual Stabilization™ Implants are coated with Titanium Nitride which has anti-bacterial properties to help reduce the occurance of peri-implanitis.

Cortic-O™ Threads

The mini Cortic-O™ threads lock into the cortical bone, stabilizing the top of the implant.

Body Design

The Self-tapping thread pattern and pitch are purposely designed to maximize bone to thread contact.

Material Standards

Ti-6AL-4V ELI titanium alloy gives our implants the best possible strength to handle any load.

Surface Treatment

All of our implants have a proprietary surface treatment designed to roughen the surface of the implant for optimal bone growth.

Bull Nose Auger™ Tip

OCO’s patened Bull Nose Auger™ tip locks the apex of the implant by pulling bone up and around the threads thereby stimulating bone growth.

Proven Dental Technology

On October 2, 2012, inventor Dr. David D. Dalise was granted patent US 8,277,218,B2 for the OCO Biomedical Dental Implant design



OCO Biomedical’s Dual Stabilization Technology was pioneered and designed by it’s founder Dr. David D’Alise and his research team in the early 2000s. Through clinical trials and experimentation, he developed a highly successful implant indicated for early/immediate load. Pano and CT imagery illustrates the combination of the Bull Nose Auger® tip pulling up and condensing bone around the apex and the stabilizing effect of the Mini-Cortico™ threads. In addition, bone to thread contact is maximized through our implant thread density. 

Implant Feature: Dual Stabilization
Implant Feature: Dual Stabilization

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