Stay Sharp: Change Out Your Drills/Osteotomy Formers On a Regular Basis!

Aug 12, 2020


Today, as the use of dental implants becomes more a routine procedure in dental offices so also is the need for strict maintenance of the surgical instrumentation. Wear and design change of surgical drills can and often do alter the health of the bone osteotomy site.  

A review of the literature exhibits multiple reasons for necrosis of bone resulting from surgical drills. However, the number one cause is the temperature. When the drilling temperature exceeds 47 degrees Celsius or 116.5 Fahrenheit, bone necrosis can happen. So, what is one of the main causes of drilling temperature increases? WORN SURGICAL DRILLS. 

As dentists place more implants more implant failures are being reported without stated causes except for obvious bone loss. Bone necrosis is subtle and is a delayed reaction from the initial insertion of the implant. Nevertheless, osseointegration ceases in the area of necrosis.


This chart is a simple solution that your staff can use to track usage of the implant drills. This important procedure can reduce potential implant failure.  




Drill Usage Chart for Download