Immediate Load

Are you ready to implement immediate load dental implants into your practice? Learn how simple and secure our Dual Stablization™ make the immediate load process.

OCO Biomedical’s Dual Stabilization® dental implants are the Next Generation in Dental Implants. Our implants unique body design coupled with a minimally invasive placement procedure creates tension (not pressure) on the bone at placement. OCO Biomedical implants offer exceptionally high implant stability at placement which is a critical success factor during the early healing process of osseointegration. With the innovative Dual Stabilization® combination of our patented Bull Nose Auger™ tip, Mini Cortic-O Threads™ and Machined Divergent Platform, OCO Biomedical implants fixate into the bone providing high initial stability allowing for early/immediate load. 

  • Bull Nose Auger™ Tip The Bull Nose Auger™ Tip condenses and mechanically locks into the bone by pulling bone up around the apex, creating tension between the tip and divergent platform, promoting an influx of bone growth elements around the implant body.
  • Mini Cortic-O Thread™ Stability at the top of the implant is enhanced by the Mini Cortic-O Thread™ that locks into the crestal bone, preserving the bone. 
  • Embedded Tapered Platform™ The Embedded Tapered Platform™ provides an anchor point for the Bull Nose Auger™ tip to pull against while also providing a tissue/implant seal with the surrounding gingiva. All OCO Biomedical Implant platforms have a 32xx machined surface and are not polished. This allows for variable positioning of the implant to solve conditions of bone irregularities. 

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