Incorperating PRF Into Your Dental Implant Practice – October 20 – 21st, 2023- Albuquerque, NM– 14CE

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Course Summary

Learn how to use PRF membrane in dental procedures. This course includes hands-on demonstrations and teaches conventional methods of extracting PRF using Phlebotomy techniques. Empower your dental implant practice with the ability to incorporate PRF confidently.

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  • PRF and Ridge Preservations
  • PRF for Sinus lifts
  • PRF and Guided Bone and Tissue Regeneration
  • Using PRF in precarious dental implant cases

Case Presentations

Hands-On Phlebotomy training for chairside treatment

Maximizing Use of Centerfuge

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  • Incorporating Platelet-Rich Fibrin Into Your Dental Implant Practice – October 21-22, 2023- Albuquerque,NM – 14CE
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About OCO Biomedical Education

OCO Biomedical is dedicated to providing high-quality dental implant courses that elevate your practice performance.  Through our hands-on IRL courses you will gain the skills and confidence you need to implement strategies taught efficiently. Our facility in Albuquerque,NM has the necessary equipment to jumpstart your skillset.

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